Woodlands – Day 5 – Maple Class

Our final day at Woodlands saw us walking up Hay Bluff in very different weather to the rest of the week – for the first time this week we had to use our waterproofs.  It was very blustery climbing up the hills.  What was wonderful to see was the support and care all the children had for each other – despite all being extremely tired they worked together to support each other to make sure that everyone made it to the top!

After completing our walks we returned to the centre to finish packing and hand back all our kit.  It was then time to say our goodbyes and get on the bus to travel home.  The first part of the journey was extremely quiet with a large number of children fast asleep.  It was wonderful to hear the children talking with excitement about their favourite parts of the week and what they were most proud of achieving.  I am sure that everyone will sleep well over the weekend!