Woodlands – Day 4

Another day of exciting activities again today.  Two groups went caving and two went canoeing.

Those caving had a brilliant day crawling and scrambling through the caves to explore them; squeezing themselves through spaces like the wormhole and taking on the white line challenge!

Those canoeing went along the canal and had a great time learning how to steer and paddle.  Throughout the day they had a great game of “canoe football” as well as having to go under some low bridges.  Today saw a large number of children “accidentally” capsizing their canoes so the drying room is very full tonight!

Everyone has started trying to pack their suitcases tonight but their seems to still be alot of clothes unclaimed around the centre!  Tomorrow we will all be mountain walking for the day before returning to the centre to collect all our belongings and heading home.

Talking with the children tonight they have all been telling me about what an amazing week they have had and the many highlights that they have from the different activities as well as all the new friends they have made and skills they have learnt.  I am sure that they will have so much to say and tell you about when they see you tomorrow evening as well as lots of fabulous photos to show you.