Woodlands – Day 4

Today saw two groups caving and one group canoeing.  Everyone had to dig deep today as people were tired and the weather much colder.  In spite of this the children worked hard to have another great day.  The group canoeing had not only the wind to contend with but two hailstorms to canoe in, things were challenging – however the children kept smiling and never gave up – they were just a bit cold and wet at times! Luckily there is always warm drinks and lots of flapjack to help with that and a hot shower back at the centre.  The two groups caving both went to Porth Yr Ogof caves were they all had a great day seeing lots of fossils and bats in the cave.  During the day they all went through the letterbox as well as lots of other twists, turns and gaps to squash and squeeze through – great support for each other throughout the day meant that they all helped each other to achieve their goals.  Getting in and out the caves was wet  – for most above their wellies but back at centre saw everyone warm and dry.

Tomorrow we will all be going walking for the day before starting our journey home.  We hope that you all have your washing machines at the ready for when we get back tomorrow as it’s going to be busy!!

See you tomorrow evening!