Woodlands – Day 2 – Maple Class

Today started very early for most of us – there were lots of voices to be heard by 5.30am – we’re hoping for more of a lay in tomorrow!

Last nights walk was amazing we saw a beautiful view of the Black Mountains and then spent time relaxing at the top of the hill before having great fun rolling, slidng and running back down.

Today after a cooked breakfast we split into out activity groups; 2 groups went canoeing on the canal, 1 group caving and 1 group cimbing and high ropes course.  Everyone had the most fantastic time, the children were quite rightly extremely proud of their achievements today as were all of the staff.  Lots of fears were overcome with the support and encouragement of their friends.  Back at site they were all buzzing with excitement to share with each other what they had done during the day before showering and then devouring their dinner.  Currently everyone is taking part in a photo orienteering course around the site enjoying the evening sun on this longest day of the year.