Woodlands – Day 1

A fantastic first day – we arrived about lunch time and after enjoying some delicious homemade pizza and flapjack we got to explore the site and find our bedrooms.  The first challenge of the day was to make our beds – some of us were more successful at this than others but great teamwork as everyone helped each other.  We then got kitted out with the much needed waterproofs, boots and fleeces and started our activities.

We all took part in outdoor business, this involved us tackling a series of challenges which tested our teamwork, listening skills and resilience.  Everyone worked hard together and it was great to see their skills develop – particularly their listening skills!

Dinner was welcome and enjoyed by all after which we kitted out and went for a very wet, extremely muddy night hike.  The mud part was the highlight for some who ended up having to be hosed down when we got back!

All now tucked up in bed ready for our adventures tomorrow.