Willow – Kenning poems – can you guess the animal?

We have been looking at list poems and a particular type called Kennings. These are a bit like a riddle and we have made some which describe some animals. Can you guess which animal we are talking about?


Evie’s poem:

Carrot muncher,

Grass hopper,

Burrow maker,

Fluff wearer,

Playful teaser,

Poo maker

Vegetable stealer,

Ear flopper,

Fast runner,

Fluffy cuddler,

Dandelion lover,

Happy hopper,

Great player,

Pet maker,

Spring lover,

Nose twitcher,

Whisker wearer,


Jacob L:

Bush sniffer

Paw licker


Cuddle  giver

Food snatcher


Shoe destroyer 

Tail wagger


Grass runner

Ball fetcher


Firework howler

Bone digger


Oliver H:


Head dunker,

Bread muncher,

Underwater paddler,

Wing spreader,

Beak pecker,

Feather  loser,

Water floater,

South flyer.


Elena’s poem: