Willow Class visit St Blaise Church

In RE we are learning about belonging and how Christians know that they belong. We are also thinking about how the church belongs to us and it’s role in the community.

We visited St Blaise Church to see this in action.  We discovered that the church is part of the DAMASCUS group. This is 5 churches who work together. St Blaise has lots of events to show how much they care for everyone. We liked the words – together and welcome – these are words that we use in school.

The War memorial is near the church. The church care for it – this is part of their community work.

The church was open – anyone can come in and visit. The graveyard is there for people to explore and find out about history. It is peaceful and calm.

Inside the church were posters for knit and natter, film nights and information nights – everyone was welcome at St Blaise.

We explored the church and found out about the work it does and what different signs and symbols mean.   We loved the stained glass window that showed the life of Jesus.

Reverend Phil met us at church and answered our questions. We talked about his work and his church.  The cross is a Christian symbol all over the world. It is very important and united Christians.  This brass cross has brown marks on it – Rev Phil told us that it is bat poo!!

We looked at the marriage, birth and deaths records. Rev Phil said that people all over the world write to him to find out about their relatives. This is another way that the church connects with everyone. We found Megan and Kelly’s names because Megan got married at St Blaise in the summer.

Finally we talked about the Last Supper and the special meal Jesus shared with his disciples. We looked at the silver chalice and wafers used to represent bread.  We learnt that Christians all over the world share in this special meal.