Water Aid Assembly

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Today we were lucky enough to have Mr Searle from Water Aid come to take our assembly.  He talked to us about the work of Water Aid and showed us several video clips which had some hard hitting facts.

Did you know that …..

783 million people in the world have no access to clean safe water.

2.5 billion people have no access to adequate sanitation.

Women in Africa and Asia will carry about 20kg of water on their heads a day – this is the same as an airline baggage allowance.

The average person in the UK uses about 150l of water a day compared to the areas where Water Aid work; they use about 5l a day of unsafe water.

We learnt more about the work of Water Aid and how they are putting bore holes and pumps into villages  to give them a safe water supply.  They then work with the people there to teach them about hygiene and also how they can build toilets.

We ended the session with a quiz all about water which was great fun, and then had the chance to ask some of our questions to Mr Searle.

It made Maple even more determined to keep fundraising towards our goal of £300 for Water Aid to help pay for two toilets to be built; especially important following from Sunday (19th) as World Toilet Day.