Volcano Poems By Willow Class

Willow class have been writing poems about volcanoes.  We have been looking at different styles of poems including acrostics and shape poems.



Shaking earth,

Water fizzing,

Rocks vibrating,

Bang, boom, bang,

Ash clouds blacken the sky,

Boiling steam,

Scalding lava flowing down,

Eruption cloud moving,

Magma shooting,

Lava destroying the world,

Cooling down,

Hardening rocks,

Volcano sleeping peacefully.

Grace, Mia, Ethan, Olly and Connor


Hot molten

magma rolling

and scurrying

down the huge

mountain. Boiling

hot, red, orange and yellow

lava flowing down the volcanoes

sides. As the hot molten rock comes down

it makes the earth shake. It burns everything in

its way and makes a splash as it lands in the water.

By Joshua C


Volcanoes – by Kieran

Volcanoes always around,

Orange lava spitting out the top,

Lava dripping down the volcano

Crashing rocks that are bashing,

A lot of lava tumbling down,

Near by the clouds were coming,

Orange rocks of magma.


Volcano poem by Joshua H

Lots of lava

is falling down

with a boom, bang

and a crumble. Hot

steamy magma is shooting

from the volcano. Lots of ash

from the sides and the cracks.

Eruption clouds are floating in the air.

The lava is red, yellow and a little orange

colour pouring down like a river.


Volcanoes – by Jake

Volcano shooting rock,

Orange lava zooming down the side,

Lava coming down the volcano slopes,

Crumbling rocks are falling,

An eruption fierce and strong,

Nasty magma keeps coming out,

Old volcanoes dead.


Volcanoes – by Rhea

Vents eruptions,

Orange lava firing out,

Lava landing on the trees – burning

Crackling fire shooting up,

Ash smacking all around,

Nearby villages are fleeing,

Orange magma making the volcano grow bigger.


Volcanoes by Olivia

Rocks tumbling down, breaking,

Hot lava, red, orange like sun,

Ash, grey, choking like gas,

Black mountain

Steam and gas,

Magma looks like waves,

Fire – burning hot,