Visit from Rev Phil

Visit from Rev Phil – 29th April 2019

On Monday afternoon we wrote questions for Rev Phil such as: How old were you when you first read the bible? Who is your favourite character in the bible? When the Rev Phil came in he told us about his friend called Stuart. Stuart is in the Royal Marines; his favourite story in the bible is the story of Gideon. Stuart has a bible that belonged to a soldier who landed on the Normandy beaches; the bible was in his pocket and saved his life. He was shot at and the bullet got stuck in the bible.

Reverend Phil answered all of our questions clearly as he told us his answers.  His favourite part of the bible is the Old Testament. He first read the bible when he was eight years old; his oldest bible is 140 years old.  His favourite story is when the children of Israel escaped from Egypt.  Peter inspires him because he learnt from his mistakes. Rev Phil’s favourite message is, “You may run and not be weary” because it reminds him of a golden eagle. He told us that he reads the bible every day, the stories he reads depend on his mood.

I found it very interesting listening to his answers.

By Lilly Moore – year 4