Visions and Values Day – Maple Class

Maple Class had a wonderful day on Friday, we started the day by running and walking laps of the school field to show our determination to go enough laps that we had achieved a marathon.  When we got back to class we added up all our laps; a massive 262 laps.  Knowing that each lap was 0.2mile we were able to calculate that we had walked and ran 52.4miles which was the distance of 2 marathons – we decided that we had achieved the London and Lisbon marathon!

Next we thought about what love actually means to us.  Our discussions focused on what is feels like, who is important to us and who loves us in our lives – we used all our ideas to create a word cloud.

Next we used our creativity to start stitching leaves to create a banner for our class.  We personalised small Maple leaves which will all be stitched together to create a large Maple leaf for our class.  All of us decided that not only was the showing our creativity but also needed a lot of determination as it was quite tricky.

We also started to create our self portraits to go on a whole school display around respect, making sure we really thought about producing a piece of work that looked like us!

The final activity of designing and making our own kindness jars will take place on Monday as we ran out of time so we’ll show you what these look like next week.