Visions and Values Day

Today we took part in visions and values day. We spent the day taking part in a mixture of activities linked to our new school hymn Shine Jesus Shine.

We made lanterns, tea light holders, we wrote prayers and we learnt how to sign our school hymn. Throughout all of these activities we were thinking about how we are unique and special and the different ways we shine.

We discussed our talents and how our school values help us to shine and grow in the world.

Lola (yr 6) – Our new school hymn is Shine Jesus Shine. The words help us to shine our brightness into the world!

Joey (yr 1) –  Our new school hymn helps up to take kindness into the world.

Joshua’s (yr 6) quote of the day  – ‘Love, kindness and respect make up your light and the brighter your light shines, the brighter it will come back.’