The Highwayman – Maple Class

Maple Class have been exploring the text The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  We have loved finding out about the different characters, creating character and setting descriptions and writing internal monologues for Bess as she waits for the Highwayman to return.

We even got to ask our questions to Tim the Ostler, questioning him on whether he had thought through the consequences of his actions.

We created art work of the purple moor along with writing our own versions of the narrative from the point of view of one of the characters.

Highwayman- Jakson

Highwayman- Emily

Highwayman – Daniel

Highwayman – Connor

Highwayman – Caitlin

Highwayman – Amelia

Highwayman – Cullen

Highwayman- Alex

Highwayman- Alice

Highwayman- Jake

Highwayman- Kai

Highwayman- Kyle

Highwayman- Marcel

Highwayman – Lilly

Highwayman – Taofeek

Highwayman – Max

Highwayman – Lily D

We then designed front covers and back plates for our work and made them into books which are now displayed in the front of school