STEM workshop

Years 4-6 were lucky enough to take part in a STEM workshop along with Dorchester St Birinus School.  We learnt that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and we spent the day finding out about the different opportunities and careers that involve these areas.

First we cracked some codes and then built a rocket – our challenge was to make the rocket aerodynamic so it would go as high as possible.  We had time to test our initial designs and then to make changes and amendments to improve these.

Our next challenge was to build a car which would pass the crash tests protecting our ‘egg’ passengers.

We all had a fantastic day and found out just how difficult it is to design something as you have to keep testing it out and making changes to improve your design.  We also learnt that sometimes no matter how hard you try they just don’t work and you have to start again!