Spreading kindness for Anti-Bullying

For Anti-Bullying Week Willow Class focused on importance of kindness; one of our school values. 

We began the week by admiring everyone’s odd socks and thought about the importance of being different. We learnt that it is good to be unique and how we should celebrate and appreciate each other’s differences. 

We thought about what kindness means to us and we all made individual posters which we combined to make a whole class poster. 

We also wrote some acrostic poems on ‘Anti-Bullying’ which some of us presented during assembly. 

Please see below some pictures of us during the pupil parliament. We combined with Beech Class to discuss what Anti-Bullying is and what we can do to prevent it. We had some great discussions and even thought about the reasons why some people bully and how we can all ensure we are kind to others in school and always.