Sports Day

On Thursday 29th June, the amazing sports day took place at St Blaise Primary School.  On this day Van-Tulken, Aderin Pocock, Backshall and Shine house competed in a selection of different races, apart from having great fun it was also to see which house colour would have their ribbons on the trophy this year.  Our first race was the sprint, after this classic race we then moved to spud and spoon races and skipping races all of which were great fun.  Finally came the one and only sack race, people falling everywhere as they tried to jump along the track – this race was a true masterpiece.  The day was filled with lots of laughter and great memories and tomorrow we get to try out even more events.


On Thursday we got to take part in sports day with so many parents watching.  There were so many brilliant races, everyone was cheering and shouting loudly to support their houses.  The hardest race was definitely the long distance run where we had to run two laps of the school field, the race which was great fun to watch was the sack race, especially Mia’s race.  Tomorrow we are doing lots of throwing and jumping events, I can’t wait to do these.  Overall I had the best sports day ever.


Sports day; when the time came I was so nervous about people judging me but when it came to it with everyone cheering and clapping the confidence built up inside me and I felt that maybe, just maybe I could do this.  The skipping race was really fun, I overcame my nerves and tried my hardest and I did it – I actually got first place!  This sports day was just…special.  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do more events tomorrow

Jacob R

On the 29th June for our sports day at St Blaise we took part in a series of different events in our house teams.  After we had completed all of the races with parents watching we went back out to take part in a long-distance run.  This was great fun and I won the year 5 race; to my surprise Mr Cleal our PE teacher then challenged me to a long-distance run.  even though I had already ran two laps of the school field I then raced Mr Cleal, I was in the lead nearly the whole race until Mr Cleal beat me on the last straight – he said he thought if hadn’t have already taken part in this race once he didn’t think he would have beaten me.  It was great fun doing this challenge race.

Jacob L

On the Friday we had great fun taking part in throwing, jumping and cycling events.  The results were annouced today and Backshall house had won  – blue ribbons on the trophy this year!  A huge thank you to Rachel and Mr Cleal for organising these fun events for us to take part in.