Schools receive additional funding from central government to improve sport and PE provision. At St Blaise we aim to use this funding to ensure:

  • Pupils have a good understanding of what it means to eat healthily; and are fitter
  • Good quality, sustainable, PE provision is established across all disciplines
  • Pupils take part in sport with confidence and high self-esteem
  • All KS2 pupils will be able to swim 25m

Our measures for success are:

  • 70% of lunch boxes are healthy
  • 100% of pupils have improved their physical fitness
  • Silver Games mark gained
  • 75% of pupils have taken part in a sports based club
  • 100% of pupils have been swimming at least monthly
  • 100% of pupils have taken part in inter school competition

More information can be found in the Sports Funding Proposal and Impact documents.

We welcome parental (grandparent and friends’) support with PE and Games, particularly for afterschool clubs, so please do get in touch if you would like to offer your expertise or just enthusiasm! After school clubs vary from term to term, so a short commitment is easily accommodated.

2023 – 2026 PE and Sport Premium 3-year strategy