Tennis and Football in Maple Class

Dominant Wootton didn’t dampen St Blaise spirit.

On Tuesday, 8 of Maple class travelled to Wootton for the next football game of the village league. Unfortunately, we lost 12-2. However, great performances and positivity remained throughout with Olly and myself scoring two great goals! We all enjoyed it and would love to play in the next game (as long as it’s not against Wootton, who were a very strong team!)

By Joshua.



Yesterday Thursday the 19th of May. Summer, Spencer, Joshua and Charlotte went to a tennis tournament at White Horse Leisure Centre. It was a really close win but I think we were all very excited to have come in second place in the small schools competition. We all played approximately five 1 on 1 matches. I think we all love tennis a bit more now than when we use to and were very pleased to have had this opportunity and hope to do it again.

By Summer