Science week – Stay and Investigate morning

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We had a fantastic morning carrying out different experiments with our parents.  There were so many different investigations to carry out from paper aeroplanes, building spaghetti and marshmallow tower, handling natural objects and of course giant bubbles and Oobleck.

  • We learnt how to make paper aeroplanes, changing and adapting our designs to see which flew the furthest as well as making mini rockets from empty bottles – it was such good fun and it got quite competitive!
  • There was a chance to explore the different seeds inside fruit and play with tin can telephones which we thought made everything sound so strange.
  • A tricky challenge was to match the parts of the human body to their correct names – don’t worry they weren’t real parts – some of us couldn’t quite believe that this is what was really inside us.
  • Who could build the tallest tower from marshmallows and spaghetti?  We didn’t believe that they would be so strong and robust, it didn’t seem possible.
  • The handling station had lots of fossils, seed pods, bark, shells and bones which were fascinating, they all had such different textures and the ostrich egg was so big that we weren’t sure it was real!
  • Giant bubbles was ever so popular with both parents and children – we loved getting bubbles everywhere.
  • Oobleck was so VERY messy and so much fun – how could you have something which wasn’t a liquid or a solid – how strange!