Science Oxford

Last term as part of their sound topic in Science, Willow watched an amazing Sound Science show ran by Science Oxford. The children really enjoyed the show and learnt how we make, hear and use sound in a fun interactive way.

Seeing sound waves

The fire vibrates with the rhythm of the music. Jacob R Year 3

The fire went with the beat. Kieran Year 4


How to change pitch

When you add more water into a cup, it will sound very low.  Less water makes it sound very high.  Shashank Year 3





I leant that the glass can vibrate and if it is too hight it will smash. Jamie Year 4









I found out if helium goes into your lungs your voice goes very squeaky.  Martim Year 4

Sounds are made by vibrations.




When you touch the ball in your throat and speak it vibrates. Henry Year 4