Schools Concert at Sheldonian Theatre – Maple Class

Maple Class were lucky enough to go to the Sheldonian Theatre on Friday to Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra (OCYO) perform.  Whilst waiting outside we were struck by the amazing buildings which we decided looked like they were part of Hogwarts!

Once inside not only was the building amazing but so was the orchestra.  They started by playing a selection of music from the Greatest Showman, there were so many instruments to see!  Then we were introduced to all the different instruments before hearing more pieces played by the whole orchestra and some just by the Brass Ensemble.  We even got taught how brass instruments work using a  mouth piece, hosepipe and a funnel!!

Next we heard some pieces by Elgar our composer of the term at school before finally hearing music from How to Train your Dragon.  It was an amazing experience which inspired us to talk about the different instruments when we got back to school and create our own poetry about the different instruments.