The Pupil Premium Grant is extra funding allocated to schools with families who are, or were at any time, entitled to free school meals. Additionally, this funding covers Forces families and Looked After Children. The PP grant is there because of historically lower levels of attainment for these groups of pupils nationally. Children may start school with low attainment, or sometimes due to the disruption in their education children’s progress is limited.

Our key objective in using the Pupil Premium Grant is to close the gap in attainment between pupil groups. Our aim is to ensure that pupils make accelerated progress in order to reach age related expectations, and beyond, as they move through the school.

Pupil premium money is used to provide a range of additional support for our pupils; it is also used to raise children’s expectations through enriching experiences, ensuring equality with their classmates.

Targeted support through specific interventions is provided through one-to-one and small group tuition, this varies from term to term according to pupils’ current needs and progress being made. Our dedicated team of support staff, including teachers and teaching assistants, implement the programmes and monitor progress carefully.

Individual tracking of pupils’ attainment and progress shows some pupils making significant gains in attainment and almost all making good progress overall. We are currently focusing on how we increase the involvement of parents and carers, as we know this is a key aspect that will support children’s learning still further.

The Inclusion Governor monitors the effectiveness of provision during termly meetings with the headteacher, reporting to the Governing Body, who scrutinises further the data, provision and budget.

Please see our School Policy and our strategy statements: one for the up-coming year outlining provision and one for the last academic year, which includes evaluating outcomes.

For the Pupil Premium policy please visit our policies page.