Poplar Class visit to Farmer Gows

As part of our farm topic Poplar wanted to visit a farm. When we arrived we met chicks in the barn. They were very wriggly and hopped from lap to lap. We met goats and some bantams that were older than the chicks.

Next we explored the hay bales. We jumped and leapt and discovered tunnels and great hiding places.

Later in the morning we collect eggs – the hens were still sitting on some of the eggs – they were nice and warm.

On our tractor ride we explored the farm. A bull called Riley came to see what we were doing! We introduced him to our Riley. Everyone loved feeding the pigs. The farmer told us about the enclosure and why pigs need mud. We fed the pigs, they were very greedy.

After lunch we explored the adventure playground then had a ‘meet the animals’ session. We fed lambs bottles, we fed pigs and goats. We all loved the geese that ran up and down. We enjoyed asking the farmer questions – she was very pleased to hear how much we knew about animals and farming.

When we got back to school we read the Oxford Reading Tree book about Kipper visiting Farmer Gows – his day was just like ours.