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Welcome to our phonics page. We are currently developing this page and there will soon be lots of resources and ideas to help support your child through this very important stage of learning.

At St Blaise we use the Rocket Phonics programme.


Rocket Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme that has been written by phonics experts. It includes a combination of digital and printed resources, and two fully matched series of decodable reading books. The reading books we use have been carefully designed to appeal to the tastes and interests of children who are starting out on their reading journey. They include a variety of fiction and non-fiction, and have been carefully devised to provide practice and application of phonics knowledge and skills in full alignment with the classroom lessons.

Rocket Phonics – The English Alphabetic Code

A guide for parents, carers and families

This short video for parents, carers and families explains what the English alphabetic code is and how we teach it through the Rocket Phonics SSP programme.