It is a statutory responsibility for schools to provide pupils with an opportunity to take part in a daily act of worship. As parents, you have the right to withdraw your child from acts of worship, and from Religious Education lessons, and you should write to the Headteacher if you wish to do so. We would, however, urge you to come and see for yourselves an act of worship and take the opportunity to discuss RE teaching before making a decision.

Assemblies, including the daily act of worship, are an important part of the school day, as the whole school comes together to celebrate and promote our Christian Values.

Sharing worship

Parents, family and friends are often invited to join us for special assemblies and services, some of which are held at St Blaise Church. Our certificate assemblies are held on Fridays at 9am: these celebrate the success and achievements of all pupils and parents are always welcome. The dates for these and other events are in the newsletter and on the school website calendar.

School Prayer

Heavenly Father,

You planted us like seed ready to blossom.

As we grow, help us to be rooted in your love,

surrounded by kindness and strengthened by one another.

Help us to be unique, beautiful trees that flourish in your name.                       


Lunchtime Prayer

This varies and is said in class before children go to where they eat their lunch.