School day times  from September 2022

 Reception – Oak Class Years 1-6
Arrival at school 8.40am 8.40am
Morning Registration 8.45am 8.45am
Playtime 10.25-10.40am 10.20-10.40am
Lunchtime 12-1pm 12-1pm
Afternoon ends 3.10pm 3.15pm
Time spent in school 32.5 hours 32.5 hours


The school building opens at 8.35am and registration begins promptly at 8.45am across the school. We respectfully ask that parents and guardians say goodbye to their children outside the school buildings where the Class teacher or TA will be waiting to receive them in the morning; this is to encourage independence and a prompt start to lessons.

Access to the school after registration is via the main entrance.

The school day finishes at 3.10pm for Oak and 3.15pm for Years 1-6, when children are collected from their designated areas.

Regular attendance at school is essential to helping your child/ren make progress and reach their full potential. Pupils whose attendance falls below 95% will be monitored by the school and discussed with parents where appropriate. A Parent Contract meeting will be held when attendance falls close to, or below, 92%.