Hot school meals are cooked on site and are FREE to children in Reception, Year One and
Year Two. Children may bring their own sandwiches if they prefer. Dinner money MUST be
paid on the first day of each school week or may be paid in full at the beginning of each halfterm.
Money brought to school should always be brought in a clearly marked envelope
indicating the reason for payment. The cost of a school meal is currently £2.30 per day.
Children of parents on income support, and other benefits, may be entitled to FREE school
meals. Please contact the school office for further information. These requests are always
held in the strictest confidence. Please apply for free school meals if you think your child/ren
are entitled, even if you think your child will not take advantage of these every day, as their entitlement triggers further funding for the school.

Our food and nutrition policy can be found on the policies page.

Play-time Snack

Pupils are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat at play time. This should consist of
fresh fruit and / or vegetables. No fruit bars are permitted. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are
provided with this snack.

Cakes and Sweets

In line with our Healthy School Policy, we discourage the bringing in and sharing of cakes,
sweets or party bags for birthdays or other special occasions. Healthy snacks, fruit kebabs,
vegetables and dips are a great alternative.

Water bottles

All children are encouraged to bring water to school as we know that it is important to drink
adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Water bottles can be purchased from the
school office. No juice is permitted due to the high sugar content. Bottles must be clearly