At St Blaise we work hard to improve the lifestyles of the children in our care.  We aim to fulfil the following aims that were written by the pupils:

  • To live longer
  • Good habits now will change your life
  • To keep our teeth and bones healthy
  • To tell us to eat five a day
  • To help us be fit and healthy
  • To drink lots of water
  • To improve lunchboxes

Our food and nutrition policy can be found on the policies page.

We continually address the food that is eaten at school ensuring that school dinners (provided by Food and More) meet healthy eating standards (at a cost of £2.30 per day). We promote the free fruit and vegetable scheme (Recp – Y2). We promote pupils having free milk before the age of 5 – this is then offered (to be paid for) to all pupils.

We promote exercise. All classes have 2 PE lessons per week. We also have a daily exercise program (8.40-8.55) – this includes: dance, running and circuit style training.

All pupils take part in Fit4 Schools testing, each child’s progress is tracked and shared with parents as they are tested four times a year.

Pupils regularly complete in events – we make sure that this is inclusive as all pupils will take part in at least one event per year.