At St Blaise we work hard to improve the lifestyles of the children in our care.  We aim to fulfil the following aims that were written by the pupils:

  • To live longer
  • Good habits now will change your life
  • To keep our teeth and bones healthy
  • To tell us to eat five a day
  • To help us be fit and healthy
  • To drink lots of water
  • To improve lunchboxes

Our food and nutrition policy can be found on the policies page.


We continually review and reflect on how we support children to remain healthy at school. We monitor the food that the children eat.

School dinners are provided by Oxfordshire County Council. The meals are balanced and must adhere to strict policies on minimising sugar, salt and fat content. Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 are entitled to a free school meal (Universal Free school Meal). Some children may be entitled to a free school meal in Key Stage 2 –

You are also welcome to pay for a school dinner when your child is in KS2, they cost – £2.35 and can be paid for via School Money.

Packed lunches are provided at home to be eaten in school. We ask that you consider what you put in them as too much salt, fat and sugar is dangerous as well as expensive. We would also ask you to think about the environment and reduce packaged items. The children are not allowed sweets or fizzy drinks in lunch boxes. Please have a look at this advice.

Keeping fit is a joint responsibility. School must provide 2 hours of exercise per week in the form of PE lessons. We also encourage active playtimes, active learning and the use of our range of clubs, many include sport activities. We are always keen to promote children’s success at home, we have seen a range of martial arts, swimming and other sporting achievements celebrated in the newsletter and in certificate worships.

Pupils regularly compete in competitions ranging from football to boccia. As we grow we anticipate that we will be able to offer a greater variety of sporting activities.