Oxford Story Museum

Maple Class had a brilliant day at Oxford Story Museum.  We started the day in the “Time for bed” room where Mrs Leach read us all the Gruffalo

Then we had fun exploring the different areas of the museum, we visited mission control, the changing room and the animal area.  We got to dress up, create films, describe our favourite stories and read and become part of so many different stories.

This was the amazing machine which ‘sucked’ imagination in order to create stories – we didn’t stand too close!

Next we went to the world stories room where we created our own Kennings about different animals.

After lunch we went on a walking tour of Oxford exploring the inspiration for authors C.S Lewis, Lewis Carroll and J.R.R Tolkien.

We all had a great day and all learnt so much about the different authors, some of us were so tired we fell fast asleep on the bus home.  We’ll keep you posted on the work we do following our trip.