Ruth Leach

SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Maple Class Teacher  – Friday

This amazing, happy lady always looks for the best in people. She has a big personality with a wonderful sense of humour. Her short tangled hair often changes colour, but this is what we like about her. She is kind, caring and her lessons are such fun! Probably the best head teacher we’ll ever have whilst we’re at school.
Karen Green
Oak Class Monday-Thursday
Deputy DSL
Mrs Green has long blonde hair, a kind smile and a lovely personality. She sings like a Lark in a mystical land of love, as well as singing Silent Night in German. She is the most caring person yet. She works with the Children in Oak class, she helps children when they are in Choir or singing a solo in a play.
Clare Kirkham
Maple Class – Monday – Thursday
Deputy DSL
This lady is a kind and caring teacher who has a great sense of humour. She is possibly the best scientist in the School, who creates lots of mess during art and experiments. She is incredibly encouraging and has a lovely smile. She always makes time to support us in our learning.
Jade Pimm

Poplar Class – Full time

Miss Pimm is a helpful, loving and kind person with a magical personality, who is currently working in Year 1/2.  She always has an inspirational smile on her face and is happy all the time.
Anne Smillie


Willow Class – Monday – Tuesday

Lucy Tebbit-Scales

Willow Class – Wednesday – Friday

Mrs Tebbit-Scales is a kind and caring teacher who enjoys teaching maths.  She makes every lesson fun even the boring old tests.  She is a long haired teacher who is very funny and determined, she supports all of her pupils in their learning.
Rachel Darby
HLTA – Tuesday – Thursday

Oak class teacher Friday

Rachel is so helpful in what she does and is young at heart and has a perfect personality. She makes everyone smile and loves to have fun, that’s what makes her so special. She will explain when you have a problem and give you advice. She is the most caring and unique person yet.

Her smile lights up everyone’s heart. She is willing to help and support you when she can and help in different situations.

Lisa Howard
TA – Part time
Mrs Howard is a light hearted jolly person with silver grey hair. A caring diamond who is helpful and supportive when you’re down. An angel who’s come to earth to help children be the best they can be.
Charlotte Maisey

TA – Full Time

Charlotte is a TA who always comes to help when you need it.  She is a loving and caring person who is an expert about sports, she is running the London Marathon.  Charlotte always gets the job done and is great fun to be around.

Kelly Kilpin
TA – Part time
She is a kind, warm-hearted woman who always gives second chances and sometimes a third. She has brown curly hair (Sometimes purple) and blue shiny eyes which illuminate with happiness. She stands out as one of the best TA’s St Blaise could ask for. You may know her as a very supportive lunchtime supervisor.
Megan Kilpin
TA – Full time
This young amazing women, with lovely light brown hair helps the little children in this school. She is very kind and hates to tell us off. She likes to walk a lot and loves to drink tea and she likes to drink it sweet. She has lots of great ideas and is very creative.
Margaret Patching
TA – Part time
This intelligent women helps you in maths giving advice whenever you’re stuck. Although she is older she still sits on the floor and has fun with you in games. She has short light hair and normally wears trousers but you can always hear her heels clicking as she approaches.

Abigail Strange

TA- Part time

Mrs Strange is a mathematician and a genius at maths who is a human calculator.  If you want to learn about maths go to her and she will help you.  She also has a wonderful personality and sense of humour.
Gemma Moyes

TA – Part time

She is a gentle dark haired woman who loves to help with things around the school.  She hates to tell pupils off and is a friend to all children.  She has brown eyes and loves running the craft club because she is a very creative person.
Gemma Wilkins

TA – Part time

Caroline Bradbury
School administrator and finance
Mrs Bradbury has been here for years. She said that her favourite part of the job was meeting different people. She also says that no two days are the same.
Katy McManus

School Administrative assistant

This jolly, kind hearted women, works in the office. Although she is new to the school, it feels like she has been here for many years. She’s always there when you are sad and she always smiles.

Caroline Burgess
TA – Part time

Caretaker, Cleaner in charge

This silver haired lady enjoys making sure our school looks it’s best, as well as working in Oak, She has a beaming smile in all that she does.