Ruth Leach
Headteacher, SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs Leach is an amazing, happy lady who always looks for the best in people. She has a big personality and a wonderful sense of humour. She has short hair which often changes  colour. She is kind and caring and her lessons are such fun! Probably the best head teacher we will ever have.
Karen Green
Oak Class Monday-ThursdayKS1 Lead
Deputy DSL
Mrs Green works with the children in Oak class. She has long blonde hair, a kind smile and a lovely personality. She has an amazing singing voice and teaches us lots of new songs. She helps with choir and when people have solos in the play.  She is very positive and makes us feel special.
Clare Kirkham
Maple Class  Tuesday – FridayKS2 Lead
Deputy DSL
Mrs Kirkham is a kind and caring teacher who has a great sense of humour. She is possibly the best scientist in the School, who creates lots of mess during experiments. She is incredibly encouraging and has a lovely smile. She always makes time to support us in our learning.  Before becoming a teacher Mrs Kirkham was a Scientist, so it is no surprise that her favourite subjects at school were Science and Maths.
Jade Pimm

Poplar Class – Full time

Miss Pimm is a helpful, loving and kind person with a magical personality. She teaches KS1 – she is patient and always has time for everyone. She is very good at computing. She is always smiling and is a phonics expert.
Charlotte Cundy

Ash Class – Full time

Miss Cundy is looking forward to being back in Ash Class again this year. She likes teaching PE and getting out in the science garden. Out of school she enjoys playing with her new kitten and going to the gym.
Anne Smillie

Oak Class – Friday

PPA Cover across the school

Mrs Smilie wanted to be a weather reporter when she was growing up – we are glad that she changed her mind and became a teacher instead! She is a great RE teacher, she is very creative and brings it to life. She likes working with the oldest and the youngest children in the school.  Her favourite subjects when she was at school were Geography and Maths.
Gabrielle Sandford

Beech Class – Full Time


Miss Sandford started at St Blaise in September and is really enjoying being Beech Class teacher.  If she wasn’t a teacher then she would like to be a zoo keeper.  Her favourite subject to teach is Spanish!
Rachel Darby
HLTA – Part Time
Rachel is so helpful. She is young at heart and has a perfect personality. She makes everyone smile and love to have fun, that is what makes her special. She will talk to you when you have a problem. She is a most caring and unique person. She is always willing to help and support.
Lisa Howard
TA – Part time
Mrs Howard is a light hearted, jolly person with silver grey hair. A caring diamond who is helpful and supportive when you are down. She is an angel who has come down to earth to help children be the best they can be. She is amazing fun to play with at lunchtimes and has taught us lots of great games to play as well as coaching our netball team.
Charlotte Maisey

Currently on Maternity Leave

Charlotte is a TA who always comes to help when you need it.  She is a loving and caring person who is a sports expert and has run the London Marathon.  Charlotte always gets the job done and is great fun to be around.

Kelly Kilpin
TA – Part time
Kelly is kind and warm-hearted. She works in KS1 with the younger children, she always wants to help. Kelly is a lunchtime supervisor. She organises the playground leaders and helps us to stay safe.  She drives the bus.
Kayleigh Reeves

TA – Part time

Kayleigh loves working at St Blaise because she never has the same day twice, she enjoys making Play-doh and gardeing with the children.  She enjoys helping the children to learn in the potion lab.
Margaret Patching
TA – Part time
Margaret will always give advice if you are stuck particularly with maths. Although she is older she still sits on the floor, she makes learning fun and turns things into games. You can hear her heels clicking as she approaches.
Gemma Moyes

TA – Part time

Mrs Moyes is a gentle dark haired woman who loves to help with things around school. She is a good friend to the children. She loves being creative and is very good at art. She works in After School club and classes.
Gemma Wilkins

TA – Part time

Gemma loves working at St Blaise because she likes helping children learn and develop. She enjoys learning herself and knows lots of things. This year she is working in KS1, the children are very lucky.
Connor Gilogley

TA – Full time

Connor is now a TA at St Blaise, he was a volunteer but he loved it so much that he wanted to work here. He really enjoys art, particularly drawing Anime characters. He can play the piano and has learnt several languages. If he didn’t work at school he would be an artist.
Caroline Bradbury
Office Manager and Bursar
Mrs Bradbury is a long standing member of the school team. Mrs Leach says that she can’t operate without her. She works hard and helps everyone that works in school. She is kind and caring and will always help us. She likes meeting different people.
Katy McManus

School Administrative assistant – Part time

Katy is jolly and kind hearted. She works in the office making sure that everyone is helped. She is always there when you need her. She helps us with photocopying when we can’t remember what to do!
Brooke Giles

School Administrative assistant – Part time

Brooke is always smiling and is the first happy face that you will see when arriving at St Blaise.  She is super busy with her own children but in her spare time she likes to do arts and crafts.
Ellie Weresch

TA – Full time

Ellie is helpful and caring and she enjoys working in Poplar Class because every day is different.  Is she wasn’t working at St Blaise then her dream job would be to work with dogs, she loves walking her Shitzu, Teddy.

Caroline Burgess
TA and Caretaker
Caroline helps us all by making our school look it’s best. She works extremely hard and is always checking that the building is ready for us to learn in.  Caroline also works as a TA. She is kind and calm and will always help us. She has a beaming smile that makes us feel safe.
Linda Bevan


Linda is our cook. She makes the best mac and cheese, we love fish and chip Friday. She likes good manners and makes us laugh.
Dan Moran

ICT 123 – IT Support


Dan keeps our Chrome books and iPads working – he has a difficult job. He is always happy to help us and the teachers – who need him a lot!
Tanya Clifton

After School Club

Tanya enjoys working at After School Club especially being able to use her creative skills to support the children in arts and crafts. She especially likes encouraging the children to have lots of fun making up games together.
Emma Mathieson

After School Club

Emma really enjoys working and helping the children in After School Club. Her favourite film is Harry Potter and at weekends she likes taking her three children to the park.