Ruth Leach
Headteacher, SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)Maple Class – Monday
I think the Headteacher’s job is the hardest of all because it is a busy job. In her spare time she likes spending time with her family. She likes gardening and has won prizes for her dahlias.
Karen Green
Oak Class Monday-Thursday
Deputy DSL
Mrs Green is a generous, kind and loving teacher. Her hobbies are cooking and singing.
Clare Kirkham
Maple Class – Monday – Thursday
Deputy DSL
Mrs Kirkham is a good teacher. She loves science and history.  Mrs Kirkham likes spending time with her family.
Neil Lyne
Willow Class – Full time
Mr Lyne is a very intelligent teacher with the best teaching methods. His hobbies are reading and exercise.
Rachel Darby
HLTA – Oak class teacher Friday
Rachel is HLTA and the best. She also does netball which explains why she’s so good at sport. Rachel drives the minibus. Rachel is amazing!

Kelly Kilpin
TA – Full time and Lunchtime Supervisor
She is very good at sorting out problems with pupils. Although she is a TA in Willow she helps everyone throughout the school. Kelly’s favourite hobby to do out of school is listening to music.
Megan Kilpin
TA – Full time
Megan is a TA in Oak and Poplar classes. She loves working here and never wants to leave. Her favourite food is lasagne.
Margaret Patching
TA – Part time
Margaret is our Maths TA. She helps around the school. She’s the one everyone wants! She is fun and helpful and loving. She also helps with Open the Book.
Lisa Howard
TA – Part time
Mrs Howard is kind and loving. She works in Poplar but will help everyone in the school.
Mrs Howard drives the school bus.
Caroline Bradbury
School administrator and finance
Mrs Bradbury has been here for years. She said that her favourite part of the job was meeting different people. She also says that no two days are the same.

Caroline Burgess
TA – Part time

Cleaner in charge

Mrs Burgess likes her dogs and coming to school. Her hobbies are swimming and going for walks. She has many qualities.
She is friendly and good with children.

Barrie Burgess
School cleaner
Mr Burgess is our new cleaner. He is amazing at fixing things.