Every school is required to have a Governing Board: our governing board is made up of volunteers from the local community, parents, the Headteacher and a staff member. Together we have a collective responsibility for making sure that all children in our school receive the best education possible in a safe, caring and as a Church of England primary school, Christian environment. The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. The Governing Board is strategic, which means that we plan for the future and consider how the school can achieve its targets and aspirations. An overview of St Blaise Strategic plans can be found here

The school has built its good reputation for being caring, friendly and supportive of very child and family. Our school values:

Together we love and respect. We are creative, we are determined, we are confident, we are kind.

are thoroughly embedded in all that the school does. These are the bedrock for every decision made at every level – from pupil interactions, teaching, to leadership and governance.


As the school grows from being a small school with just 35 pupils, to half-form and now a one form entry it is the governors’ vision that the school ethos is enduring.


This vision is expressed in our overarching strategic aims:

  •  for our school to grow and develop but to keep its distinctive ‘family culture’ where every child is valued and every family is supported.
  •  to provide a curriculum that engages, excites and encourages a love of learning; ensuring all children have the confidence and experience they need to be successful.
  •  to foster a safe, nurturing environment that allows children to develop and work in a supportive, collaborative environment, developing self-esteem and confidence necessary for life-long learning.
  •  to ensure robust leadership throughout the school by the Headteacher, senior leadership and subject leaders.
  •  to facilitate strong and effective governance; a reflective governing body that provides support and challenge to drive improvement.
  •  to maintain strong financial management practices and deliver the best value for money from the financial resources available to enable the school to achieve its strategic aims.

We hope that you will find the following information and links informative. If you require any further information or would like to contact us, all governors can be contacted through the school office or email the Chair of Governors, Linda Shatford chair.3260@st-blaise.oxon.sch.uk. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed, we would very much like to hear from you.


The Governing Body is appointed by Oxfordshire Local Authority

The Board of Governors for St Blaise do not have Committees, but have Lead areas. All Governor positions, their Lead areas and other details are shown below.

Governors’ blog 



We currently have no Governor vacancies

1. Instrument of Government

2. Full Governing Board minutes

Copies of Governors board minutes are available in the entrance hall and we can provide a paper copy if requested.






3. Schedule of Full Governing Board Meetings 2023/24

4. Governor attendance 2022-23; Governor roles and responsibilities 2023-24; Governors’ declarations 2023-24.


5. Governor Policies

6. Strategic planning documents

7. Governor Communications

8. Governor allowances policy

The latest SEND report can be found on the SEND Information & Report page.

9. Governor Contact Details

Linda Shatford (Chair of Governors)


10. Governor Code of Practice

11. Standing Orders

12. Delegation Planner

 13. Department for Education Governors Hand Book:

14. Oxfordshire County Council Governor Information:

15. Ofsted Website: 

16. National Governors Association: