What’s in a name?

We take our name from our close links with St Blaise Church Milton. We are a Church of England (C of E), controlled school. This means we are ‘controlled’ by the Local Education authority and ‘aided’ by the diocese, the church. Our Christian links are very important to us and underpin all that we do.

As our school grows we want to reflect our strong sense of togetherness and inclusion through our bible verse.

The Lord God made all kinds of beautiful trees grow there and produce good fruit with seed in it according to their kinds and God saw that it was good.

 Genesis 1 v12  

We see ourselves as the beautiful trees in a growing orchard. Each of us is important and unique. We work together to produce good things, we want our children to go out into the world to share their good fruit.

Exploring and achieving as we grow together

Our Christian values have been revised with our school community.

Together we love and respect. We are creative, we are determined, we are confident, we are kind.

We try to reflect these values in all that we do.


Who was St Blaise?

St Blaise by Charlotte

St Blaise by Mersim

St Blaise by Rosie

St Blaise by Sophie

Our aims are for children to:


Challenge themselves to reach their full potential.

*Staff have the highest expectations of all children.

*Individual pupil’s needs are catered for through careful planning and differentiation.

*Staff encourage children to experiment and take risks when learning, to be confident.

*Staff foster resourcefulness, resilience, determination and reflectiveness to support lifelong learning.


Receive an engaging purposeful education of the highest quality.

*Children are involved in planning teaching and evaluating learning.

*Children’s interests and ideas are used to plan topics.

*Children work in single, mixed year groups and mixed age House teams.

*Children’s horizons and cultural experiences are widened by learning opportunities outside of school environment via trips, visitors and outdoor learning.

*The curriculum is delivered in a creative way to engage and excite.

*The curriculum is regularly revised to reflect the needs of the children, their community and national events


Learn in a safe and caring environment.

*Staff support children to form positive, respectful and caring relationships.

*Children learn that kindness is repaid with kindness.

*The Headteacher and staff ensure that they know and understand every child and their families.

*The staff work together to ensure safeguarding, and health and safety are a priority.

*Children are encouraged to plan for risks and help make decisions about safety management.


Develop a sense of community and an understanding of the wider world.

*Children are helped to be proud of our school community by understanding their contribution to the school community.

*Children are consulted about all aspects of education; pupil voice and reflection are built into the review process.

*Children are supported to share their learning with parents and carers, working together in harmony and love.

*Parents and community members are invited to a range of curriculum events, worship, assemblies and fundraising functions.

*Many local people support us by volunteering – reading, gardening and running activities for groups.

*Children are helped to understand that caring for our world is important, by, in the first instance, caring for our school environment.


Grow together in Christian faith and spirituality.

*Worship, whilst Christian, is inclusive and respectful of all faiths and those with no faith at all.

*We work alongside local faith communities to provide a range of opportunities for our pupils to experience faith in the community.

*We provide space, in school and the school grounds, and time for personal reflection for adults and children.

*We unite as a team showing mutual respect.  We believe in individuals recognising and using their talents for the good of all.


Our school will achieve the above aims in an environment that: displays a distinctive Christian character, works in partnership with parents and carers, is inclusive of all.



School Prayer

Heavenly Father,

You planted us like seed ready to blossom.

As we grow, help us to be rooted in your love,

surrounded by kindness and strengthened by one another.

Help us to be unique, beautiful trees that flourish in your name.


Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

Our SIAMS inspection took place in Jan 2018  – we were pleased to receive an outstanding judgement.

St Blaise SIAMS Inspection