Osmosis and Diffusion experiments in Maple Class

As part of our work on the heart, blood and circulation we have been learning about osmosis and diffusion.  We found out that these are the processes by which water and nutrients are transported around the body and we had such a great time carrying out experiments to show this.


In order to show how this works we had to first predict what would happen to our jelly snakes when we left them overnight in a dish of water.  We measured them before we started and then left them…..

What we saw was that the jelly snakes got bigger but they also went very mushy and started to disintegrate, we thought this might be due to the water getting in and making the structure of the snake less rigid.



In order to show how this works we carried out two experiments, one with skittles in water and one with ink in gelatine.  For both we had to predict what we thought would happen, we knew that the skittles would loose their colour but were amazed to see that the colours stayed in such distinct areas

Then we put spots of ink into petri dishes of gelatine and saw the ink diffuse.  Not only did we create some great art printing from these we also got to investigate them further with the microscopes we have been kindly lent by the Royal Microscopical Society.