Oak’s morning routine

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As we reach the last week of our first term, we would like to say how impressed we have been with all of the children in Oak class. Over the last 7 weeks the children have really grown in independence. We wanted to share with you our morning routine, this really sets the children up for a great day. Thank you for all your support ensuring the children are ready to start the day, it makes so much difference to their learning.

We start the day drawing on a whiteboard. It is often a picture related to the story we are sharing that week. This week we have read Aunt Amelia, by Rebecca Cobb, so we have been having a go at drawing a crocodile.

Once all of the children have arrived, we sing along to our Good Morning song. By the end of the song we are ready for the register.

First of all we sing our days of the week song and work out the day and date. “If yesterday was Monday, today is…” We then count how many children are in oak class that morning, each child says a number and we then move a counter into a ten frame.

Next we count how many children are having a packed lunch and how many are having a school dinner.

We use cubes to see whether more children are having packed lunch or school dinners. We compare the towers of cubes, looking at what is the same and then how many cubes are different. We also plot these numbers on a bar chart to help us see which number is more.

Finally we look on the internet to find out what the weather is going to be like. We find the matching weather symbols and then decide what we might want to wear when we go outside.

Throughout the year we notice how often the days and the months change. We also notice how the weather changes with the seasons. Our registration time is the perfect opportunity to practise and apply our maths skills and really helps us get ready for our day.