Maths Club

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This week in maths club we have been getting creative making crunch cakes! We discussed the maths we would need and knew that we would need to weigh out the ingredients. However, we also found out as we made the … Continued

Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year On the 5th February Oak class celebrated the Chinese New Year. We began by acting out the story of the animals and the great race.     We did lots of activities to learn more about this … Continued

Numbers to 20

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We have been using tens frames to show numbers to 20. We have been describing these numbers as tens and ones. We found that to make 14 you fill one tens frame and have 4 in another tens frame. We … Continued

Making maps

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We have created 3D maps in the Tough Top. We then took aerial photos to create a plan. We have then used these photos to draw our own maps. We have been looking in the atlases and drawing our own … Continued

Constructing famous landmarks

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We have been using different construction materials to build famous landmarks of the world. The Eiffel Tower is made from metal, Millie and Emmy have recreated it using pipe cleaners. Frank used Duplo bricks to build the Empire State Building. … Continued

Sky Painting

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We have been exploring ‘There was an Old Man who painted the sky’ as our class book in Willow and as a starting point we created fact sheets of information about star constellations. As a part of our learning we … Continued

Wizard of Oz display

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In Willow Class we have created a Wizard of Oz display. We used a range of different techniques and materials to create the characters of Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow and then created our own storyboards. See our efforts … Continued

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