Making Craters – Maple Class

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In Maple Class we have been learning all about the moon, how it was created, what’s inside it, why we only see the near side and how the craters and seas on the surface are formed.  We had so much … Continued

Earth and Space Workshop – Maple Class

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Maple Class were lucky enough to visit Abingdon School and take part in an Earth and Space workshop in their Laboratory.  Firstly we created models of the solar system including planets, moons and asteroid belts.  Next we used objects to … Continued

Court Hill – Willow Class

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Everyone had the most amazing time at Court Hill even if we were really tired when we got home!  Below are some extracts from our recounts about the trip which we thought you would like to read. Court Hill by … Continued

Court Hill – Day 1 – Willow Class

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Everyone is having a fantastic time building dens, bug hunting and working in teams. They have been identifying trees and thinking about the environment.  The children are settled and happy and they and the staff are worn out from all … Continued

Volcano Artwork – Willow Class

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We have been looking at the picture Mount Vesuvius by Andy Warhol. Showing Vesuvius erupting in a violent and dramatic explosion, Warhol saw Vesuvius for its fiery energy of past.  Andy Warhol left his beloved photographic pictures to experiment something … Continued

Gardening Club

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We now have a daily gardening club. Ten children work with Caroline Burgess every lunchtime. They spend the time watering, weeding and maintaining our new garden. In the beds the have planted vegetables and flowers.

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