The Colour Monster

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  In Oak Class we have been reading The Colour Monster. Different colour monsters represent different emotions.         We have talked about different things that make us feel happy, sad, angry, scared and calm. We have also talked … Continued

Kindness tokens

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In Oak class we collect kindness tokens. When Megan or Mrs Green spot an act of kindness, they give the children a kindness token to put in the jar. When the jar is full, Oak class have earnt a special … Continued

Collecting sunflower seeds

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Theo and Iris collected sunflower seeds from a dry sunflower. They will be used in the mud kitchen. They had a great discussion about how many seeds might be in the pot and enjoyed talking about big numbers. They didn’t … Continued

Maths outdoors

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We have been using sticks to make the numeral 4. We have also been counting pine cones. We have been practising counting from a bigger set and we have been practising making the dice patterns with the pines cones.

Science Garden

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This week, we spent our science lesson exploring in our wonderful science garden! This term we are learning about the properties of materials and why they are chosen for a particular use. We found lots of different objects in the … Continued


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We have planted some leeks into the beds in the science garden. We have to remember to water them every day so that they grow.

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