Narnia Prayer Space

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Today we were lucky enough to have Maple Classroom transformed into Narnia by Gemma, Helen, Phil and Karen.  The children  were transformed into the magical land of Narnia as they climbed through the wardrobe into our prayer space.

Everyone in the school from Red Dragon through to Maple; staff and parents had the opportunity to spend time in the prayer space.  The children were able to spend time thinking and reflecting, talking about prayer and how like snow flakes we are all unique and individual to God.

The children especially enjoyed the time they spent thinking and reflecting with the glitter shakers.  We talked about the fact that sometimes like when the glitter is shaken there is lots going on in our lives and we may feel confused and angry.  By taking time to think and reflect and share our thoughts with God – just like the glitter calms down and settles again – so our feelings can do the same.

Everyone agreed it was truly magical, peaceful and calming and loved the opportunity to just stop and think.