Monster writing

Poplar class are writing their own fantasy stories about monsters.  This week, we have designed and named our own monster who will be one of our main characters.  We had to think about what kind of habitat our monster might live in and how this would affect how he looks (for example, if he lives in a cold place he’ll need warm fur).  I have been so impressed with the effort and enthusiasm for writing this week. Here are some examples of our fantastic illustrations and writing.

My monster looks cute.  My monster smells like sweets.  My monster loves to eat candy floss. My monster has lots of money. My monster is special.  She is glittery and cuddly.  My monster glows in the dark.  My monster is jolly and lovely.

My monster is scary.  My monster is blue.

My monster is orange.

He is green and furry.  My monster likes rubbish.

My monster is cheeky and funny.

My monster is scary.  My monster is brown.

My monster can stick to things.

My pink monster loves to play.  He has six sharp tentacles.  They are like arrows.

My enormous monster is orange and fluffy.  My monster is friendly.  My monster is brave. My monster is smooth.  My monster is jolly.

My monster is vicious and terrifying.  My monster is soft, brave, enormous, glowing.  My monster glows in the dark.  She is silly and she is evil.  My monster is special because she is part of God’s creation.

My monster breaks walls.

Then, we had to draw a setting for our story; either the monster’s habitat or where the story might take place.

My monster is weird.  My monster’s favourite food is camels.

Next week we are going to be describing the setting/habitat in our writing.  Very exciting!