Maths Games – Maple Class

We had great fun in Maple class practising our addition and subtraction skills playing lots of different maths games using cards, dominoes, dice and counter grids


We all especially enjoyed playing the card game Stop or Dare

This is a game for two or three players. You will just need a pack of cards.

Shuffle the pack and place it face down. Set a target score for the game, for example 100.

The first player turns over the top card and continues turning over cards, adding together the value of each card, until they decide to stop. Jacks score 11 and Queens score 12.

When the player stops, the total is recorded as their score.

However, if an Ace or a King is turned over, no points are scored at all, and the turn is finished.

The second player then starts turning over cards in the same way.

Players take turns until someone reaches the target score. This player is the winner.

If the cards are all turned over before the target is reached, just reshuffle the pack and continue.