Maple Class visit RAF Brize Norton

Today Maple Class were lucky enough to spend the day at RAF Brize Norton.  We had an amazing day seeing many different areas on the base from 99 squadron and the C-17 plane, Met Office weather room with it’s many clocks to the fire station.

As we arrived at the base there were lots of amazed children looking the size of the base, the barbed wire around the perimeter and the armed guards who let us on the base.  After visiting where the flights and operations are planned we went to the Met Office Weather Station – there were alot of different clocks for all the time zones.

Next in our adventure was a visit to 99 squadron and were able to climb aboard a C-17 plane.  This is a transport aircraft; one which is big enough to fit a chinook helicopter inside (with the blades off!) – everyone was in awe of the size – especially those who had never been aboard a plane before.  We spent time on here investigating the cock pit and Mrs Kirkham and Mrs Leach got to put the vehicle transport ramp up and down – it was very loud when this happened!

After this we took a visit to the fire station, not only did we get to drive along the airfield for this when we got there we had great fun trying out the hoses, sirens and water canons on the fire engines!

Our final place to visit was SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) where we learnt all about how to survive in different climates, how you could find water and food.  Two if us got to try out the metal, weighted jackets it was as much as they could do to lift them.

We all had the most fantastic day and can’t wait to tell you all about it in our showcase on Thursday.