Maple Class – Anti-bullying week

Throughout the week Maple Class discussed what bullying looks like, how you can reach out for support if you are being bullied and also how you can stand up to bullies and be an ally to someone.  As part of our work we reviewed the parent and child leaflet the school produces and also started to create a guide to the different social media apps which are routinely used.  We also created posters to display around the school.

The children thought about messages they would like to share in assembly from the week

I’ve learnt that you don’t need to hide anything about yourself, it’s good to be unique and if someone doesn’t like you because of it then they don’t deserve you

If you have a hidden difference like Autism or ADHD it can make it harder to fit in.  People don’t always understand why you do things differently.

I have learnt this week that bullying can take many different forms – all of which make people sad and unhappy.

This week we have been talking about how we are all unique and all beautiful.  We watched a video on how we try to cover up to fit in but really you fit in better when you are being yourself.

Everyone is beautiful in their own indivudual way and we should celebrate everyone for this.

It can be difficult to fit in if most of the boys like football and you’re a boy that doesn’t – it can be really challenging.  It is unacceptable as everyone should be respected and celebrated for who they are.

I have learnt that you don’t need to wear make-up and fancy clothes to fit in; you don’t need to use filters to make yourself look pretty – we are all beautiful just the way we are.