On the 17th February 2022, we went to Didcot Library to swap our books. We started our visit by standing behind our favourite genre of book, lots of people chose the mystery books in Beech class. After this, we had to find different authors in the library, one group had to find a book by David Walliams, fantasy stories, pet stories, outdoor stories, health stories and a novel by Robin Stevens. Everyone then got to pick two new books they would like to bring back to school.

Max chose, Play Like Your Football Heroes by Seth Burkett and Matt Oldfield, ‘I like this book because it gives you football tips and tells you how players were brought up and how they’ve got to where they are.’


Frank chose, The Invasion of Crooked Oak, ‘ I really like that there is lots of zombies in this book and there is also water guns. I would like to read another story by this author again’.


Cara chose, The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes , ‘ There was a spy party and Zinnia made a big chocolate cake for them. Also, the cat went on the stage and sang a song it was really funny’


Charmian chose, Spirit, ‘ I like this book because it has a horse in and the horse lives in the wild and Lucky found it (main character) before she found it she met someone called Abigail and they became friends. I would recommend this book to other people.’