Letters to Beegu

We were so sad in Poplar this week to find that our alien, Beegu, who had been living with us for a week had returned home to the planet Mars.  Luckily for us she left us a letter and we were really quick to write replies to her.  Here are some examples of our wonderful writing:

Dear Beegu.  We are missing you so much.  You’ve been a great friend to us all.  The weather is a bit sunny and a bit rainy still.  If you want to come back we really want to see your toys and family so if you don’t mind please could you bring them.  Please can you bring some of your food so we can taste it? What does Mars look like? Does it look really bright and really red? Beegu I’d never forget you I’ll dream about you, I’d think about you, I’d write stories about you and I’d draw pictures about you.  Do you have powers? Love from Sophie.

Dear Beegu.  My name is Logan.  I love you.  Please come back.  The weather is rainy and sunny.  Beegu is my friend.  You are my best bud.  Love Logan.

Dear Beegu.  We had lots of fun because we liked playing with you. You have been a great friend to us all and we are all really missing you.  Love Aubree.

To Beegu.  I really want to see you again because you don’t bite.  I like you because you are kind and you are my friend so I just miss you.  I hope you have a nice time back on the planet Mars.  Love from Bradley.

Dear Beegu.  We had so much fun with you.  It was raining when you were here and now you’re gone it’s sunny but I have been sad because I loved you so much.  What are you up to now? I love you.  No one will take your place.  If someone does I will still love you.  From Summer.