Kingswood – Day 3

The day started well as everyone had a brilliant night’s sleep – some people even had to be woken up at 7.30am!!  After yet another hearty breakfast – cooked, cereal and toast we headed off to our activities.

The day started with body boarding – our first challenge was getting everyone in wet-suits – that caused lots of giggles and laughs especially as everyone walked like penguins once they were in them!  We then collected our body boards and walked down to the beach – within 10 minutes of the site we were on the most beautiful beach helped by the brilliant blue sky and sunshine!!

The next two hours were spent in the sea, it was fabulous to hear all the squeals of delight and see so many faces grinning from ear to ear – a lot of fun was had by all!  After a bit of time fossil hunting we then climbed back up to the site and then faced the next challenge of getting everyone to have a shower!!

Lunch was extremely well received after which the afternoon was spent on the obstacle challenge – watching a whole group posted through a “washing machine” of tyres without breaking hands was brilliant,  They showed such amazing team work and support for each other.  Our final activity of the afternoon was archery and we definitely have some Robin Hood’s in the making!

A trip to the shop saw the spending money disappear fast and then it was dinner – a roast dinner!!  The sea air is certainly making everyone hungry!  In the evening we went out for a night hike walking along the coast path in the dark to the Culver.  It was fantastic to see all the lights out at sea and the red moon reflecting off the water.  As we sat at the Culver we could see the Spinekar Tower lit up – it was hard to believe we were separated by water!  We also managed to spot Mars and Saturn in the sky along with many star constellations – an amazing walk.

After such a busy day everyone happily crashed into bed and was fast asleep by 9.30am – some rooms even fell asleep without shutting their curtains or turning the lights off they were so tired!!