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Class Homework

The school actively encourages children to learn further through homework. Each class teacher will establish a homework routine for their class. The tasks set are designed to support learning and to give practice in basic skills.

Oak Class

In Reception a home learning book will be sent home every Thursday, to be handed in to Mrs Green every Wednesday. The book is a way to communicate what the children have been learning with parents. Each week it will list the learning opportunities and experiences that the children have had both in and out of class. There will also be some suggested activities to try at home which will help the children to practise skills and secure their learning. These activities should be practical and hands on and should involve lots of talking, helping parents to really engage in their children’s learning and support them at home. Some examples might be retelling a story shared in class, hunting for numbers on the way to school, counting toy cars, sharing food equally, looking for signs of autumn or drawing a picture of your family. There will also be a phonics and reading diary which should be kept in your child’s book bag at all times. This will help parents keep up to date with the phonics sounds the children have learnt and give ideas of how to support them at home. Later in the year children will be sent home with reading books and children will be expected to read regularly at home.

Poplar Class

Your homework is in the style of a menu and you may choose as many of these tasks as you like. As you can see some will take longer to complete than others. You might choose to complete one longer task or a few smaller tasks.  The homework may be shared with the class and evaluated by your peers.  There is also a reading diary and bookmark in your child’s book bag to record reading both at school and at home, it is essential that you read regularly with your child.

Any spellings/additional homework given to the children in their homework books will be handed out on a Tuesday and needs to be returned on the following Monday.

Homework menu 2b

Willow Class

Homework this term will be sent home on a Wednesday and needs to be returned on the following Tuesday.  Within the homework there will usually be an English, Maths and a Topic based activity. Please aim to complete as much as you can. Please also continue to support your child across the term in helping them to learn their times tables (both multiplication and division facts in random order).

Year 3 children should be learning their 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

Year 4 children need to know all times tables up to 12 x 12.

Home learning Week 1

Home learning Week 2

Home learning Week 3

Maple Class

Homework this term will be sent home on a Tuesday and needs to be returned on the following Monday.  Within their homework there will be English, Maths and a Topic based activity – It makes a huge different to your child’s progress if you spend time each week helping them to complete these activities.  Please also continue to support your child this term in helping them to learn their times tables both multiplication and division facts at speed.

Home learning week 5

We hope that parents/carers will encourage their child(ren) to complete the task and help and support when appropriate, better homework results will be achieved if you as parents are able to involve yourselves with the work and try to make the activities as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Class teachers are always willing to discuss ways in which parents/carers might help their children.

We welcome feedback and comments on homework from children and parents. If for some reason your child is not able to do the work or is having difficulty, come and talk to us so that teachers can deal with the problem promptly.