Harvest time

Today we were reminded that Harvest is not just in the Autumn. Rev Phil told us that we need to spread the harvest throughout the year. Everyday needs to be a harvest day if we are going to support our planet.  Not ony do we need to waste less but we also need to share more.

We gathered many things for the Didcot food bank, Rev Phil has delivered them today. Now we need to find ways to sustiain this all year round.  From Friday 14th Ocotober we are starting ‘Food Share Friday’. Any food that will not be used over the weekend will be put out on a Friday by the main gate for people to help themselves. We need your support – if you have food that you can leave in the box please do. We hope this will help everyone to reduce waste and share more.

A parent said today – ” I give when I can give and I take when I need to.” Wise words.