Greg Foot – Science Presenter and You Tuber

On Monday the 10th of December (2018), Maple Class got to see Greg Foot, a science presenter and You Tuber. He also hosts multiple shows on the BBC. He talked to us about the ocean, and he explained what an aquanaut was. He has dived down 1000 meters in a submarine.

Go to this link to watch the video 

Water is extremely important in helping the planet, because it gives us oxygen too, like trees. It also helps with global warming, because all of the heat from the Sun gets trapped in all of the gases that we produce, and the ocean absorbs all of the heat. Greg Foot made a startling discovery when a submarine went down to the Abyssal Zone (1000-6000 meters deep) and found – a plastic bin bag. It seems that our rubbish has beaten us to the ocean floor! It is worrying, because a fish might eat that plastic and say “I’m so full!”. Then a bigger fish will eat that fish, a bigger fish will eat that fish and etc. etc. Then, one day, WE might eat that plastic. We can stop this, though, because we can stop throwing away and using so much plastic as it is ending up  in our rivers, which lead to the ocean.

This has been an amazing experience for Maple Class, as it has opened their eyes to the impact that we have on the planet.