Global Development Conference

Global Development Conference

On Thursday 16th November we went to the Global Development Conference at Marcham School.  There were four schools there.  We played some games to get to know each other.

We talked about global development and what it means to us.

We played a game where we had to find a group of four to make a country.  In our groups we went around the hall to different activities:

  • Apple – represented the earth and how fragile it is
  • Global goals game
  • If there were a 100 people – how would they be represented
  • Photographs of interesting situations

In between every activity we had a toilet quiz because on Sunday it is World Toilet Day

At the end of the conference we all got together and played a game which represented – ‘not everything is what it seems’.

The conference was helpful, I learnt about how the global goals work. It was good to meet and work with other people.

It made me think about other people and how we need to respect the world that God created. It made me more determined to try make a difference.

In Maple class we are raising money for Water Aid. This is Global goal 6.

We want to raise £300 to buy 2 toilets.

Lily Leach