Football Match against Drayton School

On Monday we played Drayton school as part of the football league.  By half time no-one had managed to score but we were determined this would change.  Paul spoke to us at half time to help motivate us to play better and stop missing our shots at goal.  Shortly after half time Drayton scored but this made us more determined, and we kept our heads up and said, “Are we going to wake up now and score?”  It was another 5 minutes before Jacob scored the equaliser, but this was the just the start; soon he had scored a brace which quickly became a hat trick.  We knew that in the first half we didn’t play well, we had 90% possession but didn’t use it well, Drayton were the better team; however we got our heads up and turned it round to win 3-1.  Throughout the match we maintained calm faces and good sportsmanship and really enjoyed the match.

Frank and Jake.