Celebrating Diversity

St. Blaise provides inspiration through Christian values
enabling all to become the best that they can be.

We welcome everyone from every background and culture. Our Christian Values ensure we take steps to prevent and tackle all kinds of bullying. At St Blaise our responsibilities with regard to Equal Opportunities and the legislation contained within the Equality Act 2010 can be found in the following documents:

Equality Policy outlines our aims reflecting our commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity for all. Our Inclusion Policy also supports these aims and details our practice. Both of these can be found on our policies page.

The Equality Plan 2022-23  includes detailed and specific objectives and actions for the academic year.

The Equality Plan 2021- 22 Reviewed includes details of the reviews to our plan from the last academic year.

The Accessibility Policy (policies page) ensures the curriculum is accessible to all pupils regardless of any disability. It is also important in making sure our premises are accessible to pupils, parents and staff who might have a disability.

Gold Level Equality Champion Award December 2017

We are very pleased to have received this award Jo Brown, Oxfordshire’s anti-bullying coordinator said:

‘It was a pleasure to visit St Blaise and learn about all the fantastic work you are doing to promote an ethos, where everyone feels safe to be themselves’ she continued ‘I very much enjoyed meeting with the children, learning their views about the school culture’.

We work hard at St Blaise to ensure what we say we do (our policies), match what actually happens in school. It is always helpful to have this view confirmed,that our pupils feel safe in school, safe in the knowledge everyone has their welfare at heart.

Results of the anti-bullying on-line questionnaire completed by pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 showed pupils know all staff will listen and help sort out any issues straight away.

Anti-bullying week with the theme ‘All Different-All Equal’ helped promote our journey on being a gender neutral school. Pupils came to school dressed in odd socks to show how it is okay to be different.

Our school values of love, respect, peace, determination, creativity and creation are evident in all that we do and how we work, play and cooperate with one another within our school and our wider community.