The school is taking part in the Eco School project, each class has voted for a student to be on the committee from
Red Dragon up to Year 6. For more information you can visit the website

31st January 2020 – Action plan.

The Eco council have met this week and have put together an action plan to help work towards our Bronze award.
This Term we will be looking at ways to improve our lunch boxes. Please have talk to your child/ren about how
their lunches could be healthier and more environmentally friendly.

2nd March 2020 – Environmental Pledges

Every child in school has made a pledge that will help the environment. Please ask your Child at home what their pledge is and maybe as a family you could continue it together?

Maple Class

Kyle has pledged to plant more trees.

Kai will not waste paper.

Willow Class

Ollie will be recycling more bottles.

Poplar Class

Max will be litter picking.

Oak Class

Oliver is going to use recycled bags and bottles.